Thursday, 1 December 2011

12 days of Vishmas

Remember our Equinox Male contest? We promised to feature individually each of the 11 guys in the poll, and now it's time.

We'll post one guy/day from tomoro. All the images came from vishstudio, so we'll have 12 days of Vishmas - those 11, plus one surprise guy on the final day!

But we don't want to leave you without a Vishstudio guy on December 1, so here's one we haven't featured on TMB before...

Alter Ego II - ©2011 vishstudio

Hey, that makes 13 hot guys in 13 days. For us & for you, 13 is a lucky number!


DarkNekoBoi said...

i would like to know where i can see more at btw he very sexy

Steve Newton said...

Click on the "vishstudio" link in the post. That takes you to one of Vishnyakov's sites. Click "Gallery" & you find three pics of this model on page 2*. There are probably more, but you'll need to look through the gallery.

*at the moment; page number will as more pics are added