Friday, 23 September 2011

Equinox male - Poll

Vote your choice of Equinox male. All photos from vishstudio

E-male A
Abstract Morality ©2011 *vishstudio

E-male B
Journey Through The Continuum  ©2011 *vishstudio

E-male C 
Underneath The Surface  ©2011 *vishstudio

E-male D
Tick-tak  ©2010-2011 *vishstudio

E-male E
Later That Night  ©2010-2011 *vishstudio

E-male F
Do what you think you can do  ©2010-2011 *vishstudio

E-male G
Those Who Have Eyes  ©2010-2011 *vishstudio

E-male H
Penalty  ©2010-2011 *vishstudio

E-male I
Angels Fall First  ©2010-2011 *vishstudio

E-mail J
Almost Diamonds  ©2010-2011 *vishstudio

E-male K
Ride The Lightening  ©2009-2011 *vishstudio

Bonus pic of E-male K...
Can you wash my back  ©2009-2011 *vishstudio

All 11 E-males + 2 others in 12 days of Vishmas!

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