Tuesday, 29 May 2012

TMB blog future

Since last December, I've had almost no time to update TMB blog. Even so, it still gets >500 hits/day & just passed 356,000 - too popular to delete. So TMB will stay online, but without regular updates, for now.

One change is that posts were added from my other blog FitTeenMuscle.

Originally, FTM was mostly for videos, and TMB focused on photos. But the two blogs converged, and FTM had been getting <50 hits/day. So after importing the posts here to TMB, I've deleted FTM.

I also exported everything from TMB and passed it over to FlexingLads, so any ontopic stuff could be imported to that blog.

For the future, I will post here now & then, and maybe TMB blog will be fully revived someday :D

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